Overcome the Fear and Brave the New World

Today’s 101 Day Success Course from David Rayner reads:

Members of the tribe who wandered off on their own usually didn’t come back. Similarly members who tried to do things differently risked failure. Your subconscious therefore is pre-programmed to PROTECT you from venturing outside your comfort zone. It uses all sorts of tricks including procrastination and busyness (sic) and others that we are hardly aware of. The Gurus recommend for that reason that you work constantly on your Success Psychology, by listening to confidence boosting recordings and reading Success Stories! At the same time keep nudging your Comfort Zone.

Now it becomes ever clear to me that I must leave my comfort zone as quickly as possible. I need to start my adventure this year, and I have to overcome the fear of the unknown, before I am too old and too drained by the current environment.

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