The Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games: Reviews and Comments

The following is a summary of some critical reviews of the opening ceremony by some Chinese netizens:

  • Performers were everywhere, however, there lacked the existence of individuals. Like in the movie of Hero and The Curse of the Golden Flower, the group works in perfect synchronicity, which overshadowed the nature of each performer –a conglomerate, not a group.
  • When the procession entered the stadium, the girls in white dress who lined up near the entrance didn’t stop dancing and waving for almost two hours. Wasn’t it too tiring and monotonous for these young girls?
  • Despite the stunning pageantry and pyrotechnics, it expressed the mentality that the group is larger than the individuals within it.
  • The theme song was too soft and gentle, like a lullaby.
  • Where were the five mascots? Why didn’t they appear on the stage?
  • Too much extravagant fireworks which diluted the cultural elements.
  • The final stage of lighting up the big torch should be more creative. The image on the circled screen moved either too fast or too slow in bad synchronicity of the last torch carrier.
  • The performers on strings were reminiscent of the flying people in Kung Fu movies.
  • Too much attention on forms instead of contents, fortunately the lighting made it all up.
  • China is a country made up of 56 ethnic groups, but other ethnic groups were not given much lens time.
  • The subtitles were too small to be seen when the Chairman of the Olympic Committee was making the speech.

Despite the reviews mentioned above, the majority of people were very much impressed by the performance, especially the starting show of the lighted drums.

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