How to publish posts to WordPress blog via Email

I am actually writing this post in my Gmail account. Here is what you
need to do when you want to publish a post to your WordPress blog by
sending email messages:

  • Enter the Mail section on your C-Panel.
  • Create a very secret email address, the one that nobody could guess. If other people know this email address, they can post to your blog with no restrictions.
  • In your WordPress Settings, go to Writing Settings, and find Post via e-mail section. Input the your secret mail address and password, and choose a default category of your emailed posts.
  • Send an email to your secret address.
  • Edit your wp-mail.php under the WordPress installation directory, find this line, and change the line below it into ‘publish’:
// Author not found in DB, set status to pending. Author already set to admin.
$post_status = 'publish';
  • In your browser, visit your wp-mail.php so that your emailed posts will be published. This is the url I feed to my browser:

Your emailed posts should appear in your front page now.


  • I am not sure how to tag this post, neither do I know how to insert pictures into this email message which is going to be posted.
  • You can’t use Rich formatting to format your posts, just use plain text. As common HTML tags will be stripped.
  • Only good for a very plain, words only post.


  • Good for travelers with limited computer availability.
  • Very efficient. It is like writing an email message to your readers, and you may even be inspired when posting in this unorthodox method.


To automatically publish emailed posts, and avoid visiting wp-mail.php every time after you send a post, add the following line to the bottom of footer.php of your theme. Remember to use your own URL instead of mine.

4 Replies to “How to publish posts to WordPress blog via Email”

  1. Thanks for that great post…I searched for hours and read WordPress Forums, but you were the most help!!!! Thanks.

  2. Hello,

    i am trying for this but.. i failed to do this. i have created a secret email under and it is configured. but it is not working. what to do? please let me know…
    thanks in advance


    1. Did you modify the file wp-mail.php? Please double check the steps and perhaps run through them again?

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