A Brief Review of the Incredible Hulk and the War Inc.

For me Edward Norton and John Cusack look quite alike, and it is not until I watched the movie the Incredible Hulk did I realize they are different individuals. Edward Norton appears to be a right fit for dark and sad characters, while Cusack has a sunnier face. If you ask me which movie I like better, the Hulk or the War Inc., I would pick the latter.

The Incredible Hulk is a movie to watch in a lazy weekend and relax oneself, while the War Inc. brings you the liberal pleasure to ridicule the dirty war in Turaqistan, which is an obvious allusion to and a bitter reminder to the war in Iraq.

Both movies have some attractive actresses to boast: the graceful Liv Tyler and the elegant Marisa Tomei. Liv in the Hulk movie is a predictable character from a cartoon book, while Marisa is more true to life as a war zone journalist. I will be expecting to witness more charms of Marisa in another movie of her Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.

These two movies have more to be desired. Hulk 2 is a monster movie lacking some human touches, and the War Inc., with a setting in the future, should be surrealistic in its props. But the surgical bombing mishit the target in the War Inc. is hilarious.

The Hulk movie also has Robert Downey Jr. appeared in the last scene of the movie, as if ascertaining the entertaining orientation of Hulk 2.

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