A Brief Review of You don’t mess with the Zohan

If you are a political liberal, a democrat, or an Adam Sandler fan, you are probably going to enjoy this movie, but probably hate the strongly accented English.

What you will see is a few superman-like, Hong Kong kungfu movies styles stunts, and the rosy wish of Peace and Brotherhood between Israel and Palestine. Although the matters in mid-east are not really that simple and easy, not like Zohan’s bloated masculinity and fighting skills.

The movie also pictures America as a land of dreams and equal opportunities for everyone, but you know it is not 100% true, right? It also sports some dirty jokes about Bush’s wife, Clinton’s wife and Obama’s wife, and I personally think it is not funny but obviously very political.

If Israelis and Palestinians are not real enemies, then who is? Look at the screenshot of the movie and terminate him whenever you find him:

Because he hates “Jews, the Arabs, the Blacks, the Yellows, the French, the Latins, the New York times, the George Clooney, the Hillary, the Obama, the whole foods, the Prius, the dogs in purses, the Orphah, the Ellen, the condoms and sunsets on the beach” according to the movie, and he works for the American cooperate interests.

Anyway, if you have two hours to kill and want to see Zohan the Incredible perform his sensual stunts, you will enjoy this movie.

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