How to replace virus-infected svchost.exe file

MS Windows is a patchy OS, and you have to constantly maintain it, both manually and automatically using its slow live update, to keep the system relatively secure. Here are the instructions on how to replace the infected svchost.exe under Windows XP and patch your system to close the loophole.

Find a copy from your Windows Installation CD, browse to the directory i386. In this directory you’ll find compressed version of svchost by the name SVCHOST.EX_. Copy this file to c:

Now run ‘expand’ in the command line interface and expand this compressed file, like this.

expand c:svchost.ex_ c:svchost.exe

Now you have a clean copy of svchost.exe, next step is use it to replace the infected one. Either boot into Linux or use some system rescue CDs, for example, Hiren’s BootCD and copy the clean file to C:WINDOWSsystem32 to replace the infected one.

To get rid of this issue once and for all, you need to immediately patch Windows using the fix KB958644 from Microsoft.

Before downloading the patch, check out this post to see if you have the same symptoms as I did.

8 Replies to “How to replace virus-infected svchost.exe file”

    1. Glad it helps. I suspect it is a Trojan plantation which can really havoc the system security. By the way, what anti-viral program are you using?

  1. Thaks for the sound advice

    Slightly pedantic mistake that might confuse rookies, though. You left the out of the filenames in the command line

    Also you don’t need to use another OS, just rename the corrupted file instead of deleting it. It should then allow you to replace it. It will still be using the old one to run svchost as an application, depsite it’s new name, until you restart. Then it will switch to the new one and you can delete the old one

    1. Thank you for commenting. I don’t know why the backslash is omitted in the post. It must have something to do with the code format.

  2. I need to do the same in Windows 7 64-bit.. but with the “Services.exe” file.. it got infected and i don’t know how to fix it.. any advice !?

  3. Ehhhhm… I did it. The difference I made was to use the Ubuntu(linux) archive manager to extract the svchost.exe from the cabinet file, and I replaced the old svchost.exe with the new one, and… no audio 🙁 I started services.msc with run but it wont let me start windows audio it says “error 1067: process terminated unexpectley” or something like that, and there is a problem with the visual styles, a few minutes later (after the replacement) my xp looks like win 98 0_0

    1. Are you sure you replaced the right file? I’d suggest you find the right version of the file and replace it again.

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