Quotable Quotes from Movies

Well, it is June 4th and I have to write something on the Internet.

For about two weeks, I have been watching Avatar: the Last Airbender to ease the burden of my major work — revising my doctoral dissertation. I enjoyed season one and two of this animation abundantly, but season three just ruined the intense flow of the storyline. I especially hated episodes 305 about Ember Island, because the terrific adventures of Avatar is turned into stupid beach dates stories. Episode 317 is also a boring roundup of past story lines, leaving me the impression that the producers are trying hard to
invent something to fill an empty show slot.

Of all the characters in the Avatar story, I really like the Uncle of Zuko.
He delivers many thought-provoking lines for the troubled soul of Zuko, and I
have this intention of collecting all his life advice. This one enlightens me
in particular:

Follow your passion, Zuko, and life will reward you.

I then realized why I am dragging myself painfully alone the process of
finishing my Ph.D because it is not my passion.

So what is my passion? I think I am getting very close to pursue it — doing
some IT related jobs. To make this contemplation more Zen-like, I will add
that my passion lies where I experience a strong sense of self-fulfilment. I
may have been finding escapes in the controlled boxes of computers, and I
know I enjoy studying political philosophy as well. But as least I have a
chance to start afresh, just like what Uncle of Zuko says:

I believe people can change their lives if they want to. I believe in
second chances.

I did get a second chance.

To conclude this lone rambling post, I want to quote a few line from another
film I just watched today — Felon, which is a terrific prison film:

…So don’t run from who you’ve become, felon. Embrace it. Grow from
it. And you’ll never lose sight of what truly matters

This is what the Indian guru tells Avatar when teaching him ways to connect
to the cosmos power — let go of fear, recognize yourself and come to peace with your past.

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