Some important blogging habits to follow

After blogging for more than a year, I think the following list of habits will better facilitate my blogging.

  • A blog is just a blog. Don’t expect it to become as popular as the Internet portals or large forum sites. A blog should make uniqueness its first objective and perviousness comes in second place
  • Don’t put too much Google Ads on the blog. 99.9999% of the bloggers are not going to get rich by blogging using Google Ads, and Google Ads ruin the aesthetics of  any theme. Just place one or two small Ads in the unobtrusive places
  • Don’t be shy. Just write down your honest thoughts, and who cares if the whole world would like it or not
  • Curb the temptation to tweak and modify WordPress themes. Any theme is good for it presents, not how it looks. In case you did make a few changes to the theme — particularly for the sake of uniqueness — back up the changes so you don’t have go through the ordeal again
  • Make writing a second nature. Jot down your thoughts whenever you get them and crystallize them into blog posts
  • KISS. Keep your blog simple — not so many plugins, not so many Ads, not so many fancy eye candies and not so many tags. These are trivia and your main focus should be on the content, not distractions. For example, use lower-case words for tags to save your time thinking how to write WordPress correctly

5 Replies to “Some important blogging habits to follow”

    1. Like anything else, if one wants to create an excellent blog, it requires enormous energy and time with enthusiastic devotion.

      Right now I abandoned the thought of making this blog a cash cow or money tree. It is not viable. Now the main purpose of this blog serves is an open diary to share my thoughts and improve my writing in English.

      I have been hatching some ideas to make some non-blogging sites and see what I can do. Maybe we can collaborate on this.

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