Gmail and Google blocked in China?

Maybe it’s just me or some random glitches.

As of June 24, around 9:30 pm, neither Google in English or Gmail could not be accessed by many Chinese users. Here are some reports by users in other provinces on a Baidu forum

I can visit the homepage of Goolge English using these two IP address:

But I can’t click further or search anything on it. It seems to take forever to load a page or the search results. What happened?

Some user even reported as early as 19th of June that there were warnings about the forthcoming blockage of Gmail. I thought it was a DNS resolution problem so I changed the DNS server addresses to those provided by OpenDNS, still no help. I also failed to connect using secured link address Gtalk seems to connect to the mail server alright and even check mail, and some pre-configured local mail clients are also supposed to work.

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