How to install CMS Made Simple in Debian/Lenny

Installing CMSMS (cms made simple) involves usually steps of most PHP based programs. But on Debian/Lenny, php5-gd needs to be installed for a fully functional CMSMS.

In the installation self-test in step 2, I was prompted that GD libraries were missing. Search revealed that I need to install php5-gd for the GD library. The use of the package is described as follows:

This package provides a module for handling graphics directly from PHP scripts. It supports the PNG, JPEG, XPM formats as well as Freetype/ttf fonts.

So it’s clear that the package provides graphic support for PHP. Installing this package under Debian/Lenny will also install some truetype fonts, which isn’t necessary under shell environment. It is possible to remove the truetype fonts package by force, but that isn’t worthy of the hassle.

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