A few nice WordPress themes

Browsing WordPress forum, I came across a few nice themes that I may consider using in the future. Tarski and Dkret3 will always be the themes of my choice. Both are well designed, with the former more suitable for serious topics and the later for more casual writing.

The first one in the ranking is dfblog . It’s clean but not plain.

Atahualpa from bytesforall is also nice. Its author also makes other themes.

Simplixity is an ‘everything is gray’ theme by a 22 old U.S. guy. The theme is mostly in gray color.

Other themes like Simplex and Cleanr are also on my list for consideration. Both are made by the same person. The latter is worth my especial attention because its designer says:

Cleanr focuses on typography. Big fonts lets your users find it easy to read even from a distance. Cleanr focuses on space. It always looks better when you have some space around you.

Big fonts and spaces are always the main reason for me to modify a stock theme.

Other themes to consider:

A promotional theme called Free WP Premium Theme. I am wary about these premium stuff, but this theme looks good.

9 Replies to “A few nice WordPress themes”

    1. Kind of. I use this blog to practice my English writing, and of course share my thoughts and notes.

      I like your blog. 《今天你被了吗》写得很好。

    1. Sorry, I only got a chance to reply your comment now.

      The theme on your blog is also wonderful. It like its elements of Chinese culture.

      By the way, how did you find my blog?

    1. Hey James,

      Where do you host your site? The load speed of your site is fast here in China. Tell me the hosting company and I’ll take a look if it is a good deal.

      1. I don’t use a hosting company, my friend hosts the blog for me. There are a few things you can do to speed up your WordPress site, though, regardless of who is hosting it. I use WPSuperCache and delete plugins that I don’t use.

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