A few things to do every day

Once I got back to the supposedly easy life in China as a somewhat changed person, I found it was so easy to fall back into the old routine life and idle away. So in this morning of a new semester, I am thinking of doing the following things daily in order to make progress little by little:

  1. Try to wrap all the activities of a day before 10 pm and go to bed no later than 11 pm.
  2. Brush my teeth twice. Right now I am only doing it in the morning, but to be a ‘super-clean’ person, I figure I need to enforce extra hygienic implementations.
  3. Physical nourishment: eat a good breakfast and have a mood to exercise. Sports-wise, I am thinking of swimming.
  4. Spiritual nourishment: read and write commentaries on the readings.
  5. GTD: have a paper notebook ready at hand and jot down the things to do every day and do them.
  6. Write a blog entry no matter how short it is. Don’t be afraid to bore your readers, they understand you are practicing English writing.

2 Replies to “A few things to do every day”

    1. Having been busy with nothings.

      I just put a post about Linux. Do you use Linux by the way? I’ll try to drag myself way from the computer and play some badminton this afternoon.

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