Migrating this site to a new place

I am choosing a new place for this site. That’s means probably a few days downtime. I’ll restore this site once I find another vps. I will keep writing.

Update: my communication with the the vps provider of this blog does not work well. The provider refunded me a month’s fee for the preposterous downtime of September and ignored my request to refund a whole years fee and close my account.
Considering I have no time to migrate and configure a new vps at the moment, I’ll have to use this arrangement and bide my time for the next year to get another provider.

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    1. Right now I am considering this one:


      It seems their server gets full real fast and it is even not possible to order one at the moment. But its maintainer just published a book about Xen, so I assume he should be good.

      1. The $8 plan looks great. I did consider it but didn’t try.
        I chose arpnetworks just beacuse I love their low latency to Asia 😀

        1. You mean you actually knew prgmr before you decide to go with arpnetworks? Maybe I should consider arpnetworks too if prgmr does not have new server to open.

          1. I knew it but didn’t try it. So I’m not sure how is it.
            So far arpnetworks works well for me. My vps has been running for 21 days without down time.
            Just get tired to migrate from somewhere to somewhere so I applied yearly payment.

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