How to avoid WordPress cropping images into thumnails

I am always frustrated with the way WordPress handles pictures in a post: when you upload an image, WordPress automatically crops it into a thumbnail, a medium and a large sized picture. The result is a crowded upload folder and a mess of file names that makes it hard to pinpoint the picture you really want to show to the readers. It’s time for change.

What I want to do is really simple: show the picture in the post with the exact size I upload it. One way of doing it is uploading the image via ftp and just link the url of that image in the post. Also you can use flicker or Picasa to insert pictures into your post. The handy weblog client Zoundry Raven integrates these two online ablum service in its program.

But the easier way and faster way for my goal is directly changing the media settings under Media Settings of WordPress and set all the values to zero. This will prevent WordPress generate a few copies of the image with various sizes in your upload folder and you have a sense of super cleanness and orderliness.

wordpress media setting

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