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What the perfect MS Windows is like?

Windows 7 has just been released in the market, and it has got a lot of media attention. Still it is just an upgrade of the previous Windows and another step forward on the familiar design track of Microsoft. As time goes by, this will not work very well on this Internet age. Here I offer some advice to MS on how to make a better OS in this Internet age.

The very first thing — the starting point and the foundation of a revolutionary Windows release — should be integration of the OS itself with the flow of information. Let’s face it: the sole function of an OS is to facilitate the flow of information. So far, Windows just give you a tool to process information rather than deliver information right to the door. Bill Gates has to think one step ahead — what a typical user actually need right after installing a new OS? How much work does the user have to do in order to actually getting his daily life on a computer started?

So far, all the Windows versions are just like an unfurnished house, and the users have to labor hard and attend to many chores just to start living in it. This is too much work for users and a better Windows should be like a hotel room that well anticipate users needs and provide for them.

Let me elaborate on this with specific suggestions:

  • Present to users a list of wonderful free applications in the software world. There are hundreds of free, powerful easy-to-use applications available in the wild world. MS can make the user’s day by present to them this list classfied with its functions and a short description, or even a popularity rate and help the user install them with a few clicks. Those good applications will make the Windows a humble servent presenting a tray of gems to the user, and people will buy Windows simply to use the applications they love.
  • Make Windows highly componentized. Windows should scale its installation choices from a barebone installation with minimal services, a server, a media station and an Internet Information Station. And people should easily combine or remove components without hassel. Most people will still have the default installation that suits every body, but there should be a choice that the user can installation a minimal Windows version and expand it the way he likes — have his own browser, media player, email client and instant messenger. Instead of obstructing this from happening, MS should do all it can to make it happen. MS just need to keep this in mind: a winner OS is a one that facilite rather than control or obstruct what its users want to do. What’s more — this will make Windows resource-efficient and safer.
  • Forget its MSN search, the windows media player, the live space and hotmail. There are secondary services and products compared to the leading providers such as google. These secondary services waste MS’s engery and money, and make it forgetting what an OS is truely supposed to do — to provide the best services and the faciliate the information flow. It should make itself the best platform for discovering and delivering the services its users need.

The perfect Windows I envision should be called ‘the Information OS’ that takes users on a joyous ride in the torrent of information flow — nothing less, nothing more. I’ll leave the details to Mr. Bill Gates to figure out.

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