How to bypass firewalls under Firefox

I previously used QuickProxy addon for Firefox but found that it failed to load Youtube for me. Today I changed my proxyfier into FoxyProxy and it solved all my problems. Here is a brief tutorial of how to use it under Firefox.

After installing it, you need to add a proxy server. Here I conviently named the profile ‘Beyond the Wall”.

Next step is putting in the address of the proxy server. I use a ssh tunnel between the localhost and the remote host, so the address here is and the port I designated under putty is 9000. Be sure to select “SOCKS proxy?” otherwise the page won’t load.

I don’t want to use this tunnel for all the sites, so I need to tell FoxyProxy to only proxify sites I want. Still under the new proxy server interface, add the patterns for the sites to visit.

I don’t know if configuring using this is totally secure and anonymous or not. If you know better ways to use ssh tunnel and Firefox, tell me.

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    1. Not sure. I am kind of trying to avoid using too many things from Google and become less Google-dependent.

      Firefox is great and I didn’t think of moving to Chrome.

      I noticed you are using twitter and facebook, and I wonder how you manage to climb the wall.

        1. Thank you. I got it. I know it’s Chinese name and even tested it a bit before. Do you have ssh access to your blog host? It is another convenient way to tunnel.

          1. I’ll have to check but I’m not sure how tunnel works. Maybe for your next post, you could write on this?

  1. if you dont have SSH or VPN, i recommend validiate TOR bundle with autoproxy, the firefox addon.
    Working like adblock plus, autoproxy has a subscription list of which sites are blocked, and uses TOR to bypass the GFW only when necessary.

    1. Yes, Tor seems to be the solution when one has no SSH or VPN access. Fortunately I have my own SSH tunnel. How did you practice wall-climbing?

    2. I recently used autoproxy plugin for Firefox with my SSH, and it seems to be working smoothly. My only complaint is that the list embedded in the plugin does not make it easy for me to click and see all the forbidden sites. 😉

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