Three ways to use Twitter on Symbian phones

I am no twitter fan but as G.F*W gets so omnipotent, I guess I should dig a tiny hole in it by using twitter anyway.

After a few days of search, I found the following ways to access twitter on my Nokia Symbian phone.

  1. The easiest way is to visit and input your twitter account information. After that, you will have an quite intuitive interface to do your normal tweets.
  2. Using and register your twitter account. After that, you can send a tweet to your secret email account suffixed by But for users from China, one needs to climb over G.F*W to visit the twittermail site.
  3. Install the application Mobitile on the phone and send tweets from it. I put it at the bottom of the list because I don’t like its ads and keyboard operations — especially its slow flash interface.

You can find more mobile phone applications for twitter at Twitter Fan Wiki.

Update: I found Snaptu quite handy when it comes to serving as a mobile phone feed center. Using twitter on Snaptu is hassle free and I enjoy using its News&Blogs app. Also, since Twitter is so open to the third-party API, it is impossible to gfw it.