Breaking Bad: a new start

I will not be lingering on this post to explain what happened in the past three months. A lot of things happened, and I felt I am a changed man due to the lessons and harsh realities life throws at me. No, I will not write about what happened.

Today I will start by writing a TV show I just started watching: Breaking Bad. Although I just finished the first episode of season one, I am already so intrigued and decide to follow through.

On my frequent bus rides and daily sauntering home, I think of this show and a few scenes in it. It dawned on me that to make a show interesting, the script writer must be really talented and know how to make the whole story both real and gripping. I noticed some of the tricks and prototypes in Breaking Bad and fiddled the idea that I should write down my understanding of how the Breaking Bad is crafted in each episode and  how the story gradually evolves.

This will keep my head and fingers busy and provide a seclusive corner in my stagnant mind.

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