First Post of 2011

Just a few quick notes to get the new year blogging started:

  • I am taking the written test for getting the Chinese driver’s license. There is no need for me to take the road test because I have a U.S. license. This saves me a lot of trouble,  a lot of cash, and obviously the  bullying of the driving coach in the evil driving school.
  • Received my Nook Color from the United States and love it. This device helps me pick up the long bygone joy of reading. Right now I am reading A Town Like Alice and the treatise of Lin Da (林达)on American society. Future reading plans include the heroic martial novels of Jin Yong (金庸). I seem to be the only Chinese male that haven’t read his novels.
  • I really need to clean up this laptop and reinstall the system. At least I need to open it this week to see what kind of heat-relieving gadget I need to order from Taobao. The M key does not work so well right now, and the system seems to be infected with some Trojans because the Webcam turns on and off quickly.
  • The right side of my waist suffered some pain. After two times of acupuncture treatment, it is getting better. OK, I promise I will spend less time on the kitchen table with my laptop and stop watching movies on my MP4 while lying on the bed.