The power of passiveness

There is always an inner voice, all too tumultuous and restless, tells me I need to do certain things to make my life livable. However, it would be erroneous to believe a person only has one inner voice that is hoovering in his deep consciousness all the time.

Another voice inside me, which I only realize its existence recently, is more subdued and passive. It keeps telling me: I don’t have to do if I do not want it; I don’t not have to own things the social pressure ordains and I don’t have to strain myself and be enslaved by the ‘do it’ voice inside my mind.

My readers may think I am advocating a let-go and quit-it philosophy, but I am not.

The idea is that if I am free of fear, financial concerns and my paranoia, then I will know better to live my life. Right now, I am more driven, rather than driving.

Then what do I want to do? I won’t share it here because a goal is better attained when it is kept secret. However, I can tell my readers that one of the major goals of 2010 has been achieved and I am going to continue working on this track.

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