Two things I heard about China

Today, when I was riding a taxi, the driver was particularly chatty and he shared with me some of his experience when he was in the military service.

He was the personal driver for the regiment commander-in-chief. His complaints were that the commander were often late for his morning meetings, so he demanded his driver to be fast and furious on the road. The soldier also ran errands for the commander’s wife, accompanied her in shopping trips, carried bags, took the couple’s child to school and even wiped the ass for the kid. It must be a horrific experience for him and I told him I couldn’t imagine how I could survive if I were stuck in such a situation.

However, his days in the army were not completely miserable and hopeless. Using his privilege as the commander’s driver, he had many free meals and he ate mutton almost daily, free of charge. He also enjoyed venison confiscated  from poachers, who shared their game with the soldiers — if the hunters killed two deer, the soldiers took one, if the hunter had one deer, the soldiers still took one — and the poachers could leave with impunity. I guess any miserable period of life can be brightened by confiscating something from the even weaker class.

Now I am almost sure that I can survive the miserable life as the commander’s driver, if there is endless supply of mutton for me. Why do people stay miserable? Because it is such satisfactions which keep people going.

Another story is the news about milk. Mengniu milk, which sports a slogan “We work for the health of mankind as a dairy producer” on its web site, is found today manufacturing carcinogenic milk. What an irony!

Another trusted local diary producer, Changfu Milk, which boasts in its advertisement that it has never been involved in the milk scandals, is reported by the media to have the same problem. I used to trust Changfu, and my son drinks its milk every day. Now I think I can not trust any food manufacturers in China. They have blood on their lips.

Is China a strong country? I guess you already know the answer.

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