Installing Win7 Thin PC on HP Dv2000t


1. The sound does not work well on HP Dv2000t with Win 7 Thin PC.

Even if I mute the system sound, individual programs will still make sound and can not be muted. Sometimes, the whole system is muted even I enable sound, and a reboot is needed for the sound to come out again.

2. The good thing about Thin PC is that it does not have BSOD as Win XP usually did on my laptop.


I installed Win 7 Thin PC on my five year old HP dv2000t. The installation process was straightforward. Here are some information you might find useful if you plan to install this stripped-down version of win7.

1. Use diskgenius to partition and align the SSD disk. I didn’t realize diskgenius can easily assign the sector to the new 4K sector and I wasted too much time finding the right partition tool.

2. Then use wintoflash to transfer the ISO image of thinpc into the USB thumb stick and boot from that boot from it. The system will restart twice before the installation is finished and a little patience is required when the installation process seems frozen.

3. The display of Chinese fonts is not so good and some tuning such as clear-type is needed for better display. Installing popular Chinese fonts is also recommended.

4. The Chinese input method is working and the interface as well as the locale can be changed to suit the Chinese language environment. In this respect, it feels like using Linux in a simple way, because I do the same thing under Linux.

5. To run cmd.exe as an administrator, find the file first, then right click and select ‘run as an administrator’. You need admin privilege to run activate commands.

Like any new version of MS OS, the system feels slower and it uses more resources. I am thinking of going back to XP. Thin PC and probably Win7 looks better, but do not necessarily works better than XP.

Then why did I install Thin PC in the first place? Because I have a 40G SSD drive and Win7 or Thin PC is optimized for SSD hard drive. Also, Thin PC uses less space than Win7 which has many extra features I do not need.

For now, I will stick to this Thin PC system for a while and may eventually return to a self-customized version of XP.

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