Make the blog posts personal

A blog should talk, not lecture. I don’t like the two previous posts on meeting the needs of the customers because they reads dry and lifeless, being too abstract for the readers and too boring as a journal for self-reference.

I am not a marketing expert and I am in no position writing a treatise on customer service with comprehensiveness and depth. Instead I can write from my personal experience and share the cases I encounter so that lessons can be drawn.

Particularly from the last two sales in Taobao, I learned a lot. The most important thing is that customers can feel how much effort you put in the product.

If customers are sure that you are putting your heart to the job and you are working toward the best of their interests, everything else will be easy. The majority of the customers will find out the true value of the product sooner or later because it is their money.

Many great revelations are actually simple. My understanding of building a best company is the one that puts the heart into the product. Apple’s IPhone is an example and Thinkpad is another. There is always insufficient supply of ‘devotion and dedication’ in the market, and company that can manufacture it will prosper.


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