Find the weakest link in the endeavor

Even you rack your brains out, you simply cannot take every aspect of an endeavor into consideration. The successful outcome of your adventure usually does not depend on how comprehensively and thoroughly you have made you plan, but rather on how you are prepared for the unexpected in your journey.

Enough of this abstract gibberish. I will make my point clear with a real life example:

I had carefully studied the procedures and requirements for mailing milk powder from USA to China. As you know, China’s milk products are literally undrinkable or even poisonous. I have checked the mailing cost, called the postal office in China for the weight limit, selected the most optimal combination of milk products and weight, then I ordered them.

My expectation was that the milk powder will arrive smoothly since I have really done my homework. However, I forgot to reckon the weakest link in this plan: the people. It turned out the person who is responsible for sending me the milk powder did not take this matter seriously and did not even bother to go to the post office to mail it. After dropping it in a convenient mailing facility, the person reported an exorbitant mailing cost and I was left with no choice but to pay it.

I thought it would work as I had expected but it didn’t. I did my homework but failed to study and observe people carefully. This failure is a result of the weakest link which happen to be a human factor, and other non-human factors do occur no matter how keenly you heart is willing and how actively your mind is working.

The moral is after making a plan and conducted solid research of it, try to view it from a distance and detect its weakest link as an keen observer. Once the weakest link is detected, make sure you are prepared for them when the link does break.

However, no one can be fully prepared. When you think you are ready or you have to do it, take the plunge, be ready for the difficulties and challenges, and most of all hope for the best. After all, if it is worth doing, then you got to do it with all your heart. If you are scared, remember: the mighty forces will come to your aid.

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