The origin of losers

I came up with idea that one day I may write a book titled: the Origin of Losers.

Most of the modern self-help books err in their assumption that everyone is a pure slate and ready for the magic strokes of the life advice to paint beautiful pictures on it. But our life is not a pure slate. It is already tainted, formed or malformed. The assumption that one can always start from the state of zero and live a happy life after faithfully follow the guru’s words is deceiving.

Few books have dealt with the question: what if I have already fucked up? In hindsight, I know I should have read the book earlier and follow your golden advice, but I didn’t and I failed. Now what? If everyone know beforehand what to do with life, then this would become a perfect world, but it isn’t.

The fact that losers are so commonplace in modern society means the very failure of those life-guiding books: they are too good to be true and too promising for the most people to achieve. The book titled the Origin of Losers will answer one simple question: what to do after you mess up your life or someone messes it up for you. In order words, how to find the peace of mind in this imperfect world.

Remedies such as giving oneself to religion, finding consolation in Karma, taking drugs, resorting to extreme measures or coming back with elevated physical or spiritual strength are possible solutions, but is there one simple and powerful solution? Or we need to carry an arsenal of solutions for all sorts of thorns and headaches of our life?

I will leave the answer to my future self if I start to write this book. Or if you know any books which already have the answer, tell me. 

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