$24 Huffy Bike was stolen

On Sunday, my son and I went to the library. My son rode his Huffy bicycle which was recently bought from a thrifty shop for $24 dollars. He enjoyed riding it very much, because it had pedal brakes and two pegs in the rear wheel, two things he didn’t have in all the bikes he owned previously. Besides, the pedal brakes make it easier to do ‘drifting’, which further delighted my son.

Against repeated advice of my wife, we didn’t have any intention to lock it. I theorized to my son that nobody in the US would steal a kid’s bike, because it would appear so despicable and low-life to do so. It can’t happen in America!

However, my romanticism about USA was shattered when we stepped out of the library and noticed that the bike was gone for good. The immediate lesson I drew is: things can happen in the US and any notion to idealize it is bound to be shattered by the hard realities and dark side of human nature. If there is an opportunity for an immediate profit with impunity, many people will do that, including stealing a kid’s bike.

Today we went to the library and reported this to the security service. To our surprise, the security person said they probably had the thief on tape because there is a security camera directing at the bike rack. The library security service filled out a form and called the campus police. A policeman came within 2 or 3 minutes, and asked in thorough detail about what have happened and took detailed notes. I didn’t expect that for such a trivial matter, the policeman took it so seriously.

The officer promised to retrieve the security camera footage and got back to me. Hope the bike can be found, although the chances are very slim. Yet the police office did impressive me with his professionalism and attention to the case. I am sure my son is also impressed.