I don’t like Systemd and I have complaints about Debian

Today, after installing Debian Testing, which is code-named as ‘stretch’, I noticed that my network interface is changed into enp0s25 instead of the familiar eth0. After some quick search, it was revealed that Systemd did this. The tentacles of Systemd have extended too far and too many. What was initially as init management program, now tends to control every aspect of the system. I am seriously considering switching away from all Linux distributions that come with Systemd. Devuan is a promising option ( and next year, instead of donating to Wikipedia as I usually do, I will donate to devuan to show my support.

Here are more complaints for Systemd:

  • It was developed by some guys working in Redhat. Beware of the Linux with corporate agenda and be cautious of people working for the corporate interest
  • It is unnecessarily complicated. When using systemctl to start a process with errors, it does not provide error log directly, but rather gives out partial information and asks me to use journalctl to view the errors, and in often times, the information provided by journalctl is of not much help either

Init has been working perfectly for me, and I don’t need whatever magic Systemd claims to have

Now I also have some complaints about Debian. When installing a program, –no-install-recommends and –no-install-suggests should be the default setting. I want to clean system and I don’t want to install unnecessary dependencies which take up the hard drive and memories.

If the colossal ship of Nokia was sunk by a mole from Microsoft, fellow Linuxer, beware of Systemd, it can damage the Linux ecosystem by its corporate agenda. Fuck Systemd.

Linux should always be a system of individual tools working happily together, each responsible for doing one thing only and doing it excellently. By no means should a monolithic system service like Systemd extend its claws in the tried-and-true philosophy of *nix systems.

Switch to Devuan.