A big shout-out to RamNode

As a long time customer of RamNode, I need to write a post and express my appreciation of its service.

Today, while reinstalling WordPress on this VPS, I found that it was no longer easy to install it on a VPS with 128MB. I opened a ticket on RamNode’s platform to request upgrading memory to 256MB, and within minutes, the memory is bumped up free of charge for me and the ticket is also replied promptly saying the upgrade is both free and permanent.

The way RamNode treats its client is awesome, and I am an extremely happy that my small blog is being hosted on its VPS.

As a side note, previously I used Tuxlite to install WordPress with no hassle. Now it no longer support recent Linux distributions. What a pity. I tried my luck with services such as and didn’t work, despite the OS version meets their requirements.

Tried some automated script on GitHub, I’d say that pothi/wordpress-nginx worked with some success, although it still requires users to install WordPress manually. WordOps threw a few error messages about starting MySQl, however, after rerun the simple and elegant installation process, it worked! I will use WordOps again to reinstall and play with its functions such as Let’s Encrypt and caching.