A Breif Review of Qumana — the Heinous Blog Editor

Warning: Do not use Qumana (version 3.0.1) to edit the old posts which has html code <!–more–> in it.

Because Qumana can only see the content before <!–more–> markup in your post, and the rest of the content will be permanently lost if you edit your old posts and save them under Qumana. I have lost a great proportion of my Ron Jeremy post because Qumana only showed part of my post, leaving me the impression that the post was incomplete. After I pressed Update Post, I only had one sentence of my post left.

Due to this serious design flaw, I will not use Qumana and do not recommend it to anyone who will edit their old posts.


  • multi-platfrom since it is base on Java
  • can insert tags in posts
  • decent image insertion functions


  • destroys your old posts which have html code <!–more–> in it
  • not responsive and resource hogging because it is Java-based
  • marks posts with UTC time, totally unaware of time zones

This is my first post under Qumana and it will be the last one under this post-destroyer.

Side thoughts: Stay away from Java-based programs. I don’t need the portability of Java programs and I don’t want to sacrifice performance for portability.

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