A lightweight free firewall for Windows XP

I regretted that I just started using it today, and I already like it very much. It is the free and efficient firewall I have been looking for — Safety.Net Free Version from NetVeda.

All I need to do in order to download Safety.Net is writing down my email address. After downloading it, it installed without any nagging pop-ups about registration and you-own-me-money stuff. It just started working right away.

Like any application filtering firewall, it alerts me about the network activities from the programs. However, what makes this program great is that its filtering features are easy, I mean really easy, to manage and edit. This is the feature I like about Safety.Net the most, and it is better than any other firewalls I ever used, be it Comodo Firewall, Nod32 Smart Security and AVG Internet Security.

Safety.Net also has features of a gateway firewall. It can filter website addresses and phrases, controls applications, as well as enforce parental control — far advanced than the [expletive] Green Dam Youth Escort program in China.

Most of all, Safety.Net has really small footprint and I highly recommend anyone who is running Windows XP. This is the ONE.

Other thoughts

I noticed that this NetVeda wasn’t very active in developing their products, and it is a great pity. But I’ll stick to it as much as I stick to XP. I really don’t want to upgrade to bloated Vista or Windows 7.

Update: I no longer use Safety.Net and now Comodo Firewall is my choice.

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