A New Way to Find your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Your Chinese zodiac sign may be a rooster, but you are actually influenced by the dog sign. How could this be possible?

1. The Chinese calendar is lunisolar

The Chinese calendar is both lunar and solar based (lunisolar). Nearly all the important traditional Chinese festivals are celebrated on the basis of moon phases. The solar aspect of the Chinese calendar, however, is important for agricultural activities and remains constant from year to year.

2. Signs also rotate on the Start of Spring

Chinese New Year’s Day, which is the first day of the first lunar moon, is generally regarded as the time for the rotation of astrological signs. But this is not the case in the solar-based system of the Chinese calendar. In the solar-based system, a year is broken into 24 seasonal markers to accurately reflect the positions of the sun. Lichun, which means the Start of Spring in Chinese, is marked as the time for the changeover of signs according to many astrologers. The Start of Spring almost invariably falls on February 4th.

3. A decision has to be made

Sign rotation on Chinese New Year’s Day is better known among the general population, but many Chinese astrologers tend to recognize the Start of Spring as the time for the transition to the next sign. Although the dates of Lichun and Chinese New Year’s Day are different, these two methods do not make much difference for most people. However, for those who were born around February 4th, a decision has to be made as to which one to adopt.

4. Examples

For example, January 29th of 2006 was the beginning of the Year of the Dog. But in the solar-based system, the rooster sign ruled until February 4th. In the year 2008, the Chinese New Year was on February 7th, while the rat sign had come three days earlier according to the solar aspect of the calendar.

5. Perhaps you have a different sign

Using the solar-based method is no doubt simpler. It may reflect the true qualities of the people whose birthdays approximate February 4th. You can find your Chinese zodiac sign here. If you want to use the solar-based method, just remember the rotation of signs starts on February 4th.

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