A quick word about Uighur riot — who were killed?

The official report says 156 people were killed in the Sunday riot in Urumuqi. The question remains who were killed in the riot and why they were killed.

Most western media, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are very vague about the ethnic background of the victims. Irresponsible site like RFA reported that the victims were Chinese Uighur minorities. These media knows nothing about China and the relations between different ethnic groups. Many westerners can be misled by the biased reports of these media and might have the wrong impression that the rioters or so nicely called ‘demonstrators’ were the victims.

The truth is: the rioters are criminals and murderers who ruthlessly killed innocent local people — most of them are Han Chinese. Here is what Los Angles Times says:

Chinese authorities accuse Uighur rioters of going on a savage rampage Sunday in Urumqi in which civilians were pulled out of cars and shops, beaten and stabbed for no other reason that being Han, the ethnic majority in China.

I bet the western media know little about the underlying geopolitical and economic political causes of incidents like this.

I also want to correct a widespread misconception in Western mind. Chinese people consist of 56 ethnic groups, not just Han Chinese.

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