Why This Site Name?

During my stay in Austin Texas, I wanted to buy a Thinkpad laptop, and I liked the city slogan of Austin — “Keep Austin Weird”. Hence the name of this blog. I define “weird” as different, sharp and fun. Here I am, therefore I think and write.


A thirty-something man who wasted too much time on the Internet. Had I spent my time elsewhere, I would have:

  • gained less weight
  • slept more
  • earned my rice by doing a different job
  • and most importantly, had less gray hair

What can I say? C’est la vie.

What is My “Faith”?

Friedrich Nietzsche said “Faith: not wanting to know what is true.”

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, I don’t have a faith right now. Don’t worry about me, I am still in a tireless search of something that is ultimate and eternal, something that can save my soul once for all. However, out of my limited knowledge of and experience with different faiths, I do have a list to consider as shown below in an order of descending preference:

  • Zen and meditation, or anything related that can teleport my restless mind into moments of tranquility and peace.
  • Liberalism, social justice, fairness and better living conditions for the grassroots. This runs parallel to the item above.
  • Mencianism and the School of Mozi (Moism). Again, I like them because of their concern for the grassroots.
  • Live and achieve. I got this focus-on-this-life philosophy from Confucius.
  • Buddhism. Although I strongly doubt the karma and retribution teachings, it wins my respect for its non-violent nature and the sympathy for human sufferings.
  • Taoism: “don’t overdo it, stupid. “
  • Christianity. The eternal condemnation into Hell just doesn’t go with my mind. (The two Chinese writers — Lin Yutang and Bo Yang — for whom I have great respect and admiration, are said to be Christains. But I am different.)

What about Islam? I know too little of it to comment on it. If time permits, I will try toread more about it in the future.


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