Upload images in WordPress 2.5.1

When I attempted to upload an image to WordPress 2.5.1, I was prompted to input my login and password in the image uploader. After feeding the information to it, it just gave me an error and no image was uploaded at all.

I used the No-Flash-Uploader plugin and the issue is gone. The moral? The newest version isn’t necessarily the best version!

Update: The plugin appears to be the simple solution to the problem of failing to upload pictures in version 2.5.1. But I recommend you to upgrade your WordPress to a newer version to avoid using an extra plugin to upload images. Right now I am using version 2.6.1 and the default picture uploading function works well.

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Perhaps your issue is related to the fact that flash player does not support uploads that require authentication?

Have you secured any of the wordpress related folders with a .htaccess file requiring a user/pass combo? If so, that might very well be the reason why swfupload is not working for you.

This is a comment from the latest’s actionscript source (the component used in wordpress):
// Note: Flash Player does not support Uploads that require authentication.
// Attempting this will trigger an IO Error or it will prompt for a username
// and password and may crash the browser (FireFox/Opera)

If it’s not the auth issue, then I’d suggest uninstalling your current flash player, and installing the latest version. That might fix it.

Good luck.

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