Overheated House Market in China

I wonder how long will this continue… Last Sunday I helped my relatives to buy two apartment suites in the peripheral area of Xiamen, and it was not an enjoyable shopping experience.» » » » » read more

How I execute mosquitoes

How I execute mosquitoes? Electrocute them. I kill mosquitoes with such cruelty that will make Buddhists cringe. Frankly, I only launch wars against roaches, mosquitoes and flies, to list in an order of descending intensity of hatred.» » » » » read more

The Shanzhai Phenomenon in China

Shanzhai (山寨) can be literally translated as “camp on a mountain”. It also carries overtones as an outlaws’ camp on the mountain. Anyone who have read one of the Four Classic novels — the Outlaws of the Marsh — will get an idea what an outlaw’s camp is like.» » » » » read more

Is Chinese difficult to learn?

Some Oxford-educated English man claims in his blog that China should use an alphabetical writing system, and China’s failing to do so in history partly resulted in the high level of illiteracy. He goes like this:» » » » » read more

Interpreting the Grass-mud Horse

The sudden popularity of the phrase Cao Ni Ma (草泥马) or Grass-mud Horse in the Chinese cyberspace perplexed many non-Chinese speakers. If you can understand it, you will gain such penetrating insights into the cyber culture in China.» » » » » read more