Make the blog posts personal

A blog should talk, not lecture. I don’t like the two previous posts on meeting the needs of the customers because they reads dry and lifeless, being too abstract for the readers and too boring as a journal for self-reference.» » » » » read more

The power of passiveness

There is always an inner voice, all too tumultuous and restless, tells me I need to do certain things to make my life livable. However, it would be erroneous to believe a person only has one inner voice that is hoovering in his deep consciousness all the time.» » » » » read more

Let the world know

Now I am officially half way through the year 2011, and it has been a few months since my previous post.  You may wonder what kept me busy during the time. Here are a list of my recent adventures in life.» » » » » read more

Most hectic year of my life

I have never been so busy and so stressed out in my life. The latest development has been my PhD dissertation defense, which is schedule next week, on December 2nd. After that, I think I deserve some rest and mundane moments of a simple life.» » » » » read more