Insistence on Email and phone communications

Has it ever happened to you that your phone calls and email messages to someone go unanswered. What would you do? Thinking that person chose to ignore you and drop the initiation of communication, or trying to reach that person again? My recent experience taught me to always opt for the second option.» » » » » read more

Some loopholes in Cambridge BEC test

I had the chance to be an oral examiner for Cambridge Business English Test. I participated all the three levels: preliminary, vantage and higher. I noticed there are some loopholes in the test, and frankly I think ESOL could do better to make more money.» » » » » read more

A Brief Review of the Incredible Hulk and the War Inc.

For me Edward Norton and John Cusack look quite alike, and it is not until I watched the movie the Incredible Hulk did I realize they are different individuals. Edward Norton appears to be a right fit for dark and sad characters, while Cusack has a sunnier face. If you ask me which movie I like better, the Hulk or the War Inc., I would pick the latter.» » » » » read more