Debian Squeeze minior tweaks

Yes, I upgraded from Debian Lenny to Squeeze because I need ibus to replace scim as my default Chinese input program. So far the experience with ibus is good but the same was half-true with Squeeze. I spent quite some time to make Squeeze more comfortable to use.» » » » » read more

What the perfect MS Windows is like?

Windows 7 has just been released in the market, and it has got a lot of media attention. Still it is just an upgrade of the previous Windows and another step forward on the familiar design track of Microsoft. As time goes by, this will not work very well on this Internet age. Here I offer some advice to MS on how to make a better OS in this Internet age.» » » » » read more

How to avoid WordPress cropping images into thumnails

I am always frustrated with the way WordPress handles pictures in a post: when you upload an image, WordPress automatically crops it into a thumbnail, a medium and a large sized picture. The result is a crowded upload folder and a mess of file names that makes it hard to pinpoint the picture you really want to show to the readers. It’s time for change.» » » » » read more

A few nice WordPress themes

Browsing WordPress forum, I came across a few nice themes that I may consider using in the future. Tarski and Dkret3 will always be the themes of my choice. Both are well designed, with the former more suitable for serious topics and the later for more casual writing.» » » » » read more