Firefox plugins that I use

  • All in one sidebar
  • Colorful Tabs (optional)
  • Dictionary Tips (looks up words on
  • Diigo (highlighting and bookmarks)
  • Download Statusbar
  • Forecastfox
  • IE Tab
  • PDF Download
  • ScrapBook
  • ScribeFire
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tab Mix Plus
  • Text Marker (optional)
  • Unhide Passwords
  • Unplug
  • Zotero (research and reference tool)

UAService.exe Service

I am running Win XP SP2 and noticed a couple of days ago that Task Manager list has shown this new process. It is in WindowsSystem32 and the Properties Tab doesn’t has the Version item, which shows the company details.Does anyone know about this program UAService.exe? Is it a Trojan or something?

Version One:

It’s some SecuROM Copy Protection Client, you need it to play a protected game.

Version Two:

UAService.exe is Trojan/Backdoor. Kill the process UAService.exe and remove UAService.exe from Windows startup.

I opt for Version One. It may come from the the Oxford Dictionary I recently installed.

A Bug in the GTD program Tudumo

In this post, I mentioned the clean and elegant interface of Tudumo, and recommended it as a good Getting Things Done program. However, I think I found a bug of it when I typed Chinese characters in it:

It does not break long lines of Chinese characters, and the words that exceeds the length of a line are simply not displayed. It breaks long lines in English without a problem.

I am considering going back to the combination of MindManager and Chaos Manager, because the former is a perfect outliner and the latter is a a perfect reminder program.

Reorganize Categories and Tags

I’m Knight” provided some valuable insights on the reorganization of categories and tags under WordPress

Why reorganize?

  • consolidate into fewer categories and make it one level only. No more hierarchy category.
  • the tag feature is build-in now. I can just make a open source category and tag each entry with more specific tag like Debian and LAMP.
  • tag your old post too, make it more visible to the search engine
  • tags can sort out the related posts and help display them to visitors

Tools to use

Change Category Names under WordPress

When I tried to change category names, WordPress simply prompted “category not updated”. I digged into the WordPress forum and find the solution in this post.

The issue may be that you are trying to change a category slug description to a category slug description that already exists within your blog. No doubles are allowed.

I changed the category slug into a unique one and the problem was resolved.

Or better, instead of changing the slug or category, deleting the conflicting tags seems to be a better solution:

This happen after wordpress 2.3 release and introduce tag feature , the database structure has been changed, it combine the links category, post category and tag in one table, because for category slug it need to be unique, when you unable to change means the “word” has been used either by link category or tag.

Organize Life with the Time Management Software

There are numerous applications to manage your time and keep a To-do-list. For me the ideal application of this category should meet the following standards:

  • It should be freeware
  • Simple to add, delete and organize tasks
  • Remind me with sounds, preferably some cool sounds
  • Intuitive interface
  • Sleek in size. Not colossal programs for such a simple job

To be sure, the simplest method is to create a text file on the desktop and write down the things to do in that file. If the owner of this to-do-list file is persistent with his tasks and often finish them promptly, this easiest solution also becomes the best solution.

I wanted something fancier which can keep reminding me of the things to do, but I will stay away from any program that takes too much time to organize tasks.

Here are a list of the programs that appeared on my radar:

  • MindManager The best brain-storming program. I love to use it to organize thoughts and ideas or help me make decisions. It could have been my first choice as a time management software because it has pop-up reminders for scheduled tasks. However, it can’t play sounds for for the scheduled tasks and adding a reminder isn’t very convenient.
  • Chaos Manager I used this program extensively before together with Atomic Alarm Clock. Actually, this post is inspired by this program because I forgot its name and searched widely on the Internet to find it. It is completely free and comes with a lot of skins. Tasks can be easily added and it reminds you by pop-upping a window with a chime sound.
  • Tudumo After using it for a couple of minutes, I’m very impressed by its elegant design and the intuitive task organization. Its site describes the program as simple and powerful and it certainly lives up to what is says as a popular GTD (Getting Things Done). It does not play sounds but its interface makes task organization a breeze. Highly recommended for anyone who is willing to buy it after 60 trial days.

Registration fee apart, Tudumo certainly tops the rest two program all off. And my choice goes to Chaos Manager because it is free and does the job.

I highly recommend when you are searching for planner programs or other freeware to use. I found the dear old program — Chaos Manager on this site.

Update 1: Tudumo is more like an organizer while Chaos Manager is a powerful reminder. One drawback I found in Tudumo is that events can only be scheduled on sharp hours and half hours. For Chao Manager, its sounds of reminders files never fails to get your attention — a duck quack, a bullet ricochet and a chime.

Update 2: Somehow the site of Chaos Manage is no longer accessible as of writing (2010/10/03). But you can download it from many software portals.

Update3: The designer of Tudomo has mailed me a license for free. Thank you Richard!

Offline Blog Editor for WordPress

Writing directly on the WordPress interface can be very time consuming. I realized how much time I wasted in the process of formatting and publishing a blog entry.

The solution, it seems to me, is to write blog locally and publish it with a click of a button. I asked this question on WordPress forum and got a pointer to a few programs:

Though I am wary of the Microsoft programs in general, Word 2007 is currently the only editor at hand to do this job. Right now I’m writing this post under Word 2007 and I will see how it works. So far I have noticed it lacks the following features:

  • No tagging capabilities
  • Probably insecure authentication handshake
  • No “read more…”
  • Can’t schedule a time for a post to be published

I haven’t tinkered with image insertions in Word 2007, but I’ve noticed how much faster to publish a post using a local blog editor!

I will try other local blog editors in the future, preferably a free editor with advanced blog editing features. Stay tuned.

Update: WordPress provides a complete list of “weblog clients”. Go there and pick one for your own needs. Right now Zoundry Raven is my choice.

A Breif Review of Qumana — the Heinous Blog Editor

Warning: Do not use Qumana (version 3.0.1) to edit the old posts which has html code <!–more–> in it.

Because Qumana can only see the content before <!–more–> markup in your post, and the rest of the content will be permanently lost if you edit your old posts and save them under Qumana. I have lost a great proportion of my Ron Jeremy post because Qumana only showed part of my post, leaving me the impression that the post was incomplete. After I pressed Update Post, I only had one sentence of my post left.

Due to this serious design flaw, I will not use Qumana and do not recommend it to anyone who will edit their old posts.


  • multi-platfrom since it is base on Java
  • can insert tags in posts
  • decent image insertion functions


  • destroys your old posts which have html code <!–more–> in it
  • not responsive and resource hogging because it is Java-based
  • marks posts with UTC time, totally unaware of time zones

This is my first post under Qumana and it will be the last one under this post-destroyer.

Side thoughts: Stay away from Java-based programs. I don’t need the portability of Java programs and I don’t want to sacrifice performance for portability.

Upload images in WordPress 2.5.1

When I attempted to upload an image to WordPress 2.5.1, I was prompted to input my login and password in the image uploader. After feeding the information to it, it just gave me an error and no image was uploaded at all.

I used the No-Flash-Uploader plugin and the issue is gone. The moral? The newest version isn’t necessarily the best version!

Update: The plugin appears to be the simple solution to the problem of failing to upload pictures in version 2.5.1. But I recommend you to upgrade your WordPress to a newer version to avoid using an extra plugin to upload images. Right now I am using version 2.6.1 and the default picture uploading function works well.

Simplified Chinese Translation of Dkret3

Here is the Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) translation of drket3 version 1.9.

I haven’t thoroughly tested it on my blog, but it should be usable generally. After I test it or get some feedbacks from other users, I will update my translation.

Download: dkret-zh_CN Version 1.9

Update: I keep this post for its reminiscent value because dkret3 has been upgraded to Version 4+ as of writing this upgrade. Although I use other themes, I still love this theme and planning to use it someday.