Does China have daylight savings time?

China briefly observed daylight savings time from 1986 to 1991, but suspended it in 1992. One important reason for this is that China, the fourth largest country in the world, only has one time zone (UTC+8). Moving the clock an hour ahead would further widen the time differences between the east and west part of China. Here is an account by an American living in Xinjiang.

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Going to DST in China wouldn’t further “widen” the time difference between the eastern and western parts of China…all clocks would change, so there would be no additional spread in the sense of time. It would keep the sun up even later in the west…maybe that is what you were trying to say…

“It would keep the sun up even later in the west…”
Yes, that’s what I meant considering the fact that China only has one time zone.

Besides, I think part of the reason China implemented DST during 1980s was because China had a good rapport with U.S. at the time, and she wanted to learn this trick from her ‘strategic partner”.

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