Experience with BuyVM and Ramnode

As you may be aware, this blog runs on the VPS from Ramnode. My experience with Ramnode has been very positive, because the uptime of the instances are quite good (I have one instance that has over 200 days of uptime) and the system is very stable. The connect is also very fast from the mainland China. Either connecting from providers such as China Telecom or China Mobile, the download speed can peak at about 10MB/s via a SSL tunnel. If an instance expires, that will not affect other running instances, and only the VPS with an unpaid notice will be suspended. Often times, I don’t want to use a VPS instance any more, or the IP was blocked by GFW, so I will simply let it expire but keep ordering new ones from Ramnode. Right now I have ordered over 17 orders of VPS from Ramnode over the past few years and I even recommended it to other people.

This is unlike BuyVM is very strict with unpaid instances — even you do not want to use one of the VPSs any more, an unpaid instance will affect all the running instances (this is at least what I experienced when I was their unwanted client). All the invoices must be paid in full or otherwise, they don’t want to do business with me.

If you reside in China and need a VPS, I highly recommend Ramnode and especially the servers hosted in Seattle. For BuyVM, I don’t know if they are still in business, but my experience with them was very negative.

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