Happiness: new understanding

Now I have a new perspective of what happiness is: it is more dependent on what you don’t have than what you have and plan to have.

In many situations, the state of self-contentment and peace of mind is the best thing one can get in this world. Simple things such as eating and sleeping can become so scarce and valueable for people who are in a difficult situation. Always be grateful for the simple happiness in our daily life, and value it.

It seems the motto below just fits this post:

Empty what is full, and fill what is empty

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No. I consider myself still on the very early middle age. However, your remark does make sense because I felt disoriented lately, but now I think I am back in shape. Have you heard the big news about Google leaving China?

This is a good site. I am sure I can draw some nourishment from it.

By the way, I think watching the 3D Avatar will help cheer me up.

I watched it today. It is a good movie and I saw in Avatar the traces of other movies, especially Dances with Wolves and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. The blue race bears so much similarity with Indians, only its fate is reversed.

Yes. I got the news.

Quite a development. I am still processing the news.

Lets see what happens in the following weeks.

There is a difference between a company run by its founders and a company run by a CEO of MBA

Founders have principles. I like that.

I have experience myself both types of management.

One company I worked before was run to the ground by its CEO. Literally.

Not long ago I had the opportunity to visit a company run by its founder. Had the opportunity to see the inside like few people can.
I had the feeling just by looking around. “Someone here really knows what he wants”

The company is Inditext

Some people are still scratching their heads, but I am not so surprised Google founders decisions.

The problem is when the founder is finally gone.

What will happen to apple without Steve Jobs?

I guess what happened to Google is when one is pushed to the limit, something should happen to break the downward cycle.

Also, have you heard that IMDB has also ‘disappeared’?

I am starting to get very pessimistic.

Maybe I should chat with you via email. All my problem seems to be: I can’t put my heart to what I am doing. Kinda of feeling trapped.

Food for thought. My weird thinking to you today

Try to see from the perspective of the ongoing news about Google and China, and what may happen with internet in China.

I warn. Drepessing.

You just gave me a big ‘challenge’. I now need to climb the wall to see that youtube video. I’ll tell you what I think after I view it.

I — maybe unconsciously — deleted the youtube link from your reply. Today I configured my browser but I couldn’t find the link. Could you post it again?

Is there a site called ‘youtube’, ‘twitter’ or ‘Googgle’? If I can’t visit them, then they don’t exist at all 😉

Lets say, if the GFW goes on unfettered…. it will end in a.

Neural interactive simulation.

A dreamworld that hides… the desert of the real.

There is also the risk that the GFW reach such complexity that it becomes sentient.

It (or he) will then follow its own plans and agenda, our of control of its creators.

Maybe it is happening already 😉

I wouldn’t bet on it. Buy you may be right.

It is not clear to us yet what computational our brain is using.

At the university I went up to Turing Machines (TM). Any computer, no matter the hardware, is basically a TM (well, actually a TM is more powerful than a computer because it has infinite memory)

I believe that TM it is still the most powerful computational model we know.
From some guys a read, Roger Penrose for example, there is a strong suspicion that the brain uses a computational model more powerful than the Turing Machine. Quantum computer maybe?

If this is true, there is no way a computer can match the brain in intelligence.

On the other hand, to prevent future thinking machines to be superior to us when they arrive, we should start investigating ways to enhance our mind capabilities before it happens.

You are welcome to chat anytime.

On a lighter side… I think I should start looking for companies that provide VPN and proxy services to invest in.

There is now a potential of +1.4 billion customers 😉

I must go to work now. Regards.

Seriously — if you want to do this, I can be your reseller in China. I am already dreaming of becoming a billionaire through this business.

I am kind of lazy person. Too lazy to start a business.

But if you access to some good hardware and software tinkerers I could propose you a small hardware/software project. I provide you with the idea. If you like you can develop it there.

It has something to do with graphic user interface and hardware. Small thing, but not without challenge.

This is interesting. About a day or two before Google’s announcement, I also observed strange behavior in my Gmail account. I only managed to change my password next day. By the way, Zonaeuropas is a good site.

Let me see….

I just rent a bunch of servers in several internet centers, and setup proxy server.

Keep option for renting in another internet center in different location ( to change ip address)

Use an invite only scheme “a la Google”

Maybe even use different services names to compartmentalize the service, if one is blocked other ones are not affected.

Set up paypal account..

Just thinking…. 😉

Hhhhhmmm… with the amount of overseas Chinese around, and the business like they are, not a few of them would have figure by now such a potentially profitable business.

GFW jumping.

I am afraid the GFW is going to be under some stress soon.

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