How do software crackers make money

There are many cracks or keygens for pricey software, but do those crackers work for free or they are up to something else? Here is one side of the story I heard from a user on a torrent site:

Yes a lot of people do not understand that Key Generator developers are paid by malware distributors/programmers to place worms and viruses into their programs. Do you think they key gen developers do this all for free? Pity that people fall for this trap all the time. I am a Security Engineer for a 3000+ client work office and this is just the way these developers make money by help distributing malware for the benefit that malware programmers most of the time put your computer into a silent Zombie state. Wake up people there is more behind they key generators popping up saying it found a signature of a virus.

This quote is from a discussion whether to trust a keygen when an anti-virus program flagged it as a danger. Some said it was necessary to temporarily disable anti-virus software before running the keygens, because anti-virus software naturally consider keygens illegal and harmful despite their neutrality. This opinion is stupid. Because anti-virus programs are not innately hostile to keygens, after all, keygen method does not work very well with non-free anti-virus software, which requires to be constantly updated for virus definitions. There is no reason for this alleged animosity.

When a keygen is flagged as a Trojan or a virus, chances are that they do pose a threat to your OS security. Like the “Optimized Windows XP” versions widely used in China, users never know what changes have been made to the system files and what dangers they have invited by choosing to install these “free, fast and streamlined” Window versions.

The solution to the villian keygens include using Linux, buy the software, use a virtual machine to run the keygen or use the text format registration information. The bottom line is never use a cracked anti-virus or firewall, which serves as the last line of defense for the computer.

Right now I am using Saftety.Net as the firewall and AVG 8.5 for anti-virus — both are doing an excellent job.

Side notes

The zombie machines are called 肉鸡 (Meat Chicken) in China. Millions of such meat chickens are mainly targeted by the Internet Mafia for online game accounts and other sensitive data. Meat chickens could be sold by the organized groups at the price of cabbage, i.e. very cheap price. This has become an underground industry with profane revenues.

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