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Insistence on Email and phone communications

Has it ever happened to you that your phone calls and email messages to someone go unanswered. What would you do? Thinking that person chose to ignore you and drop the initiation of communication, or trying to reach that person again? My recent experience taught me to always opt for the second option.

If you try to call someone and the phone is not answered, try other means to contact that person, be it sending email or paying a personal visit. A phone can go wrong in numerous ways and sometimes its owner is not even aware that their phone is not working. Or perhaps the person is traveling and forget to carry the phone. There are many possibilities for unanswered phone calls, and the last thing you want to do is holding a grudge believing that you are deliberated ignored.

The same applies to email communications. There are numerous reasons for not receiving replies for your email inquiries, and in most cases, it is not because of the receive choose to ignore you. As reliable as an email system is, glitches do occur and some electronic particles still go astray and fail to reach the destination.

Especially when you are requesting some information or favor through electronic communications, you may be inclined to believe your unrequited communication is an indication that its receiving end does not want to be bothered, and you give up. The right thing to do is writing or calling again just to confirm if your request has been received or not, and politely show your understanding if the person really can’t attend to your request.

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