Let’s lose some weight

I lost over 10 pounds in the last 40 days or so by following this routine:

  1. Exercise. Alternating jogging (3 kilometers) and walking every other day. I feel I can even do 5 kilometers for the running.
  2. Eat far less. I do not eat a formal lunch, only having some fruit to ease the hunger. I have some meat for dinner but eat as less rice and noodles as possible.
  3. Sleep early. I do not stay up too often as before.

When it gets warmer, I will alternate jogging with swimming.

Strength and determination can only come from the inside. I never dreamed that I suddenly have such a strong will and persistence to exercise and keep fit. You know what? It feels so good to be thinner and energetic again. I do not need so much food to keep myself going with daily life. Actually, eating less means less burden for my stomach and body to handle the carbohydrate I get from rice and noodles.

My plan is to lose 30 pounds and go back to my normal weight.

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I like your nice simple plan! This is good motivation for me to lose the lbs I have put on while being away from home for two months (too much eating out = not good for health, IMHO). Please post again on how your additional weight loss goes…

It did worked and my body mess index is going down almost every day, albeit minimally. Right now my BMI is 26.8, which came down from the original 29.4.

If you are interested, you can calculate yours on this link, but I am pretty sure that your weight is fine judging from the photo on your blog.

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