Milestones of my shabby blog

  • site launched around April 2009, and was hosted in Hostmonster for a year. The first theme of choice is Dkret3. I highly recommend Hostmonster to anyone looking to host a website.
  • switched to VPSvillage. It works when it works. Used Dkret3, Tarski and decided to settle down with Atahualpa for awhile. VPSvillage or GrokCloud by another name sucked — it is just too much down time and frequent reboot. Not recommended.
  • October 2009, this site goes ads-free. Ads simply ruin any good design of a theme and look rubbish. I admit I won’t become a millionaire through the miserable ads.
  • A long recess at the first half of 2010. Moved from VPSvillage to 2host and currently landed on onexenvps as of Oct. 1st 2010. This blog goes completely sqlite-based and the theme News fits it extremely well. Previously, Redline was used as the theme. 2host plays a trick in its plans: higher RAM and almost everything for a cheaper price, however, its network is way too slow when accessed from various locations of China. You don’t want to use 2host if you are based in China.
  • April 2011, this site is moved to the $8 VPS from prgmr.com and I choose use the Zen Lite single column theme. It is time for some zen thoughts. So far I am very happy with the service of prgmr. The previous VPS provider for this blog is onexenvps.com, and its five dollar plan is very stable and fast. I moved to prgmr only because I want more memory for a better price. If you are looking for a good VPS for less than $5, choose onexenvps.
  • February 2012, I was told by GrokThis.net, which is the first VPS I used, that it was closing the business. I still remember the horrendous downtime of this VPS provider. I have stopped logging the theme this site uses after reverting back again to Dkret3. This site is now running on 123systems Openvz VPS and I like it so far.
  • December 2020, I have been a proud user of Ramnode during the past few years and I highly recommend its service to anyone who needs a VPS

You can help

This blog was launched to practice my writing in English. Often times, I make grammar mistakes and use the wrong words. So if you are grammar sensitive and vocabulary smart in English, help me improve my English by telling me the errors in my posts, no matter how small those errors are.