Microsoft answers forum, why being so de trop?

Occasionally my online searches lead me to, and the style of answers by the Microsoft agents or moderators are so wordy. They typically follow this format, as a result of their ‘training’, I guess:

Greet users: Hello, username,
Greet again: Welcome to Blah, Blah, Blah,
Ask for clarification: Can you provide more information on ….? | I understand your have questions about …
Provide an answer: Only at this point, they start answering the question, after wasting a lot of web page spaces and user’s time with redundancies
Closing the message: We look forward to your reply…

Why not provide users with the solutions and answers? This whole formalities and unnecessary complexities of answering questions Microsoft style is so palaverous. Just provide the answer in a straightforward way, for Windows 7’s sake!

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