Offline Blog Editor for WordPress

Writing directly on the WordPress interface can be very time consuming. I realized how much time I wasted in the process of formatting and publishing a blog entry.

The solution, it seems to me, is to write blog locally and publish it with a click of a button. I asked this question on WordPress forum and got a pointer to a few programs:

Though I am wary of the Microsoft programs in general, Word 2007 is currently the only editor at hand to do this job. Right now I’m writing this post under Word 2007 and I will see how it works. So far I have noticed it lacks the following features:

  • No tagging capabilities
  • Probably insecure authentication handshake
  • No “read more…”
  • Can’t schedule a time for a post to be published

I haven’t tinkered with image insertions in Word 2007, but I’ve noticed how much faster to publish a post using a local blog editor!

I will try other local blog editors in the future, preferably a free editor with advanced blog editing features. Stay tuned.

Update: WordPress provides a complete list of “weblog clients”. Go there and pick one for your own needs. Right now Zoundry Raven is my choice.

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