Subterfuge disguised in assertiveness or bluffing

Some people think subterfuge disguised in assertiveness or bluffing is a key to good business, when in fact research demonstrates that ultimately such an attitude undermines success. The reason is very simple, because when their mind is filled with tricks and ruses, there is no space for them to experience a more fulfilling and rewarding life. By telling only a half-truth or using convoluted treatise to disguise their true intentions, these people hope to take advantage of other people while forgetting the consequences of their action may override or negate the benefits they hope to get.

These people often act as mirrors that let us see ourselves more clearly and may show us blind spots in our character. Anyone who relies on subterfuge travels a road to personal disappointment when the truth wins out in my view.

So how do people who single-mindedly want to profiteer reflect our blind spots? I mean that sometimes we don’t see ourselves and our tendencies. Others can help us see these as interact and react to them. Rather than reckoning other people’s bad behavior as punishment or bad karma for something we may or may not have done, these people’s bad behavior may allow us to see ourselves in a different way than we have previously.

Encounters with such people are good opportunities for us to learn and grow. Also, maybe, these people will encounter other people that make them learn life lessons sooner or later.

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