Three ways to use Twitter on Symbian phones

I am no twitter fan but as G.F*W gets so omnipotent, I guess I should dig a tiny hole in it by using twitter anyway.

After a few days of search, I found the following ways to access twitter on my Nokia Symbian phone.

  1. The easiest way is to visit and input your twitter account information. After that, you will have an quite intuitive interface to do your normal tweets.
  2. Using and register your twitter account. After that, you can send a tweet to your secret email account suffixed by But for users from China, one needs to climb over G.F*W to visit the twittermail site.
  3. Install the application Mobitile on the phone and send tweets from it. I put it at the bottom of the list because I don’t like its ads and keyboard operations — especially its slow flash interface.

You can find more mobile phone applications for twitter at Twitter Fan Wiki.

Update: I found Snaptu quite handy when it comes to serving as a mobile phone feed center. Using twitter on Snaptu is hassle free and I enjoy using its News&Blogs app. Also, since Twitter is so open to the third-party API, it is impossible to gfw it.

How to bypass firewalls under Firefox

I previously used QuickProxy addon for Firefox but found that it failed to load Youtube for me. Today I changed my proxyfier into FoxyProxy and it solved all my problems. Here is a brief tutorial of how to use it under Firefox.

After installing it, you need to add a proxy server. Here I conviently named the profile ‘Beyond the Wall”.

Next step is putting in the address of the proxy server. I use a ssh tunnel between the localhost and the remote host, so the address here is and the port I designated under putty is 9000. Be sure to select “SOCKS proxy?” otherwise the page won’t load.

I don’t want to use this tunnel for all the sites, so I need to tell FoxyProxy to only proxify sites I want. Still under the new proxy server interface, add the patterns for the sites to visit.

I don’t know if configuring using this is totally secure and anonymous or not. If you know better ways to use ssh tunnel and Firefox, tell me.

Two handy screen capture tools

Both Snag-It and Hypersnap are ovekill for getting fast screenshots for a blog post. My search led me to two light-weight screen caputure tools.

GPL licensed Greenshot is a quick and no hassel screenshooter. Just press a few global shortcuts and you can easily get shots for a region, a window or the whole desktop in a blink of an eye. For example, I can just press ALT+Printscreen to get a shot of this window and automatically save it to a folder for later use.

If you want more advanced features like adding a watermark or resizing an image in a row after you capture a screen, WinSnap is the tool to use. Unfornately it is not free and it covers your screenshots with its logo if you use the unregistered version — rending the so-called trial time totally useless. Still, It is sweet to witness its power to process a caputured file based on the “effects” you designated and make it immediately available for use. The following screenshot has a water mark and is resized from the original one.


Getting things done with To-Do Desklist

So often does the computer become a lonely person’s companion rather than a tool to process information. I found myself aimlessly clicking my time away hither and thither on the computer without focusing on what I am supposed to do in this electronic box. Making a to-do list is one way of prompting action and avoiding procrastination. Unfortunately tools such as Tudomo, Task Coach and the popular web-based NXT are overkill for this purpose if they are not distractions themselves. Today, I found a nice tool called To-do Desklist and it does the exact thing as I expected: you create a list of things on your desktop and mark them as done when you finish them.

to-do desktlist.gif

Finally there is something better than the pen and paper to make a to-do list and get your things done.

Quickly delete an unwanted song in Foobar2000

When I play music with foobar2000, there are certain music files I don’t like and I want to immediately delete them for good when they start playing. The plugin foo_deletecurrent does exactly this job and it works great with the latest foobar2000 (as of version

The foo_fileops plugin that comes as a default for foobar2000 0.9x installation can not delete the music file that is playing, and I personally think it is useless.

Just put the foo_fileops.dll into the “components” directory of your foobar2000 installation directory and configure a shortcut to delete a music file. I personally use Ctrl+Q to do the job.

If you can’t find the original file, you can download from this blog: foo_DeleteCurrent